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    Aq by Aquila Blakey Black Dress Shoes $129.00 @ Aquila

    $129 $169 24% Split Aquila Deals

    • Posted 4th Feb
    The Blakey Black Derby lace up is a sleek and modern take on the classic Derby style, and a practical dress shoe perfect for work days or weekend events that require a suit.We made the Blakey from a soft leather upper, it's leather lined and finished on a unique rubber shock absorber sole. It's sleek profile is defined by a smooth, round toe. The Blakey has a slightly wider fit and cushioned inner sole.The Blakey Black Derby lace up would look great with any navy, charcoal or black suit. Alternatively, pair with dark selvedge denim jeans and a casual buttoned-down shirt for the weekend.
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