Welcome to our Top Deal Guidelines. Information on how to be an excellent member and poster. Which also explains why your account may be banned or restricted (We do hope this never has to happen).


Only individuals can share deals

We want Topdeal to be a place people trust to find genuine deals. This means we don’t allow companies to share their own products/services.

If you are a retailer and want to share your products or service on  then please get in touch.



Our community seeks the best deals and money saving advice and tips in Australia. All of your posts are of high quality in terms of the rarity of offers, accuracy of information, and from a variety of sources.


Give clear and detailed descriptions

Where can you find deals? Is it just instore, Nationwide or maybe an online deal only? How much was it at the start and how much is it now? Do you have to pay for postage?

Give clear and detailed descriptions. We'd much rather have too much detail than too little.

Please do try and include all relevant information in the description of a post. If you forget something you can always edit your post and add details in later. If everything is in one place it makes it a lot easier for members to quickly see all the information they may need.


Simple titles

A good title answers three things: What the is deal, where is the deal and how much of a saving are you getting? For example, Shoes Clearance Sale at ADIDAS, up to 90% off!


The title / price should reflect what the majority of people will be able to buy it for

Please only post deals which most people can buy. We don't allow deals which require previous actions (such as collecting vouchers the day before) or that only work with unique single-use discount codes. Top Deal is a big community and the best deals are ones that work for everyone.



If you submit an online deal, we'll try to automatically find a relevant photo. If we can’t, please upload one. If you submit an in-store deal, please upload a photo. Images should be clear, and if it's a screenshot from a phone, please crop the photo so only the relevant product is visible.



Try to find the best fitting category for your deal. If there's no other choice, you can always put it under "Other"


Duplicate deals (first come, first served)

It wouldn’t be a very helpful place if the whole site was flooded with the same deal. Because of that we’ve agreed that duplicate deals are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis. 


Australia websites

Please try and stick to Australia only websites. If it is an international website, it needs to have prices available in AUD, and international shipping information. Examples of international sites we accept are Banggood and AliExpress.


Registered and established businesses only

In the interest of safety for our members, please only share deals from registered and established retailers. The business should have a company number and full address and contact details readily available


Things we say no to

In order to respect the spirit of our community, members should not post the kind of offers listed below:

  • Self-promotion and advertising for a brand, a service or a company.
  • Posting deals on behalf of someone else (e.g. if you've been privately messaged to share something on Topdeal)
  • Pornography, illegal goods and services
  • Copyright infringing content
  • Cannot be delivered to our country (exceptions exist for hotels abroad & flights).
  • Encouraging action that is against a company's terms and conditions
  • Multiple accounts (this will result in an instant ban)
  • Free eBooks


Polite and Positive Discussion

We welcome polite and positive discussion. Having an opposing opinion is fine for as long as it is communicated in a constructive, polite and positive manner. Undue negative criticism and rudeness is not. We may review, edit and delete such content and your account may be limited or banned without warning.