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    Activated B12 1000mcg $13.95 @ Australian Naturalcare

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    • Posted 7th Feb
    We've all heard about vitamin B12, but what about activated B12? What's the difference? Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin required for healthy nervous system, immune and cognitive function, healthy red blood cell production, as well as being essential for fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Vitamin B12 is also quite unique in that it undergoes various steps in the body to enable it to be fully utilized. Currently, the most common vitamin B12 supplement is known as cyanocobalamin (pronounced sigh-an-no-co-bala-min). It was understood that this form of vitamin B12 had to be converted by the body into the active form of B12 before it could be used. Activated B12 1000mcg is ready for your body to use! Activated B12 1000mcg is known scientifically as mecobalamin (pronounced me-co-bala-min) or co-methylcobalamin (pronounced co-meth-ill-co-bala-min). Co-methylcobalamin is the bioavailable and metabolically active form of vitamin B12. It doesn't need to be converted. Activated B12 1000mcg is ready for your body to use and carry out its very important functions. Furthermore, as we age, the enzymes controlling how we utilise B12 can become compromised, resulting in improper activation. Activated B12 1000mcg is the form metabolically preferred and utilized by the body. Activated B12 1000mcg assists with: Maintaining red blood cell health and production Supporting cognitive function and development Maintaining energy levels Supporting a healthy heart and cardiovascular system function Supporting healthy immune system function IngredientsEach chewable tablet contains: Mecobalamin (co-methylcobalamin, activated vitamin B12) 1mg (1000 micrograms).
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