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    3 tier, elegant tree design cake stand $48 @ April & Oak

    $48 $80 40% Split April & Oak Deals

    • Posted 5th Feb
    A unique elegance has been captured in this porcelain and bamboo, 3 tier cake stand. Each section is smoothed, rounded porcelain in a fresh white. The base is large, with each section narrowing to the top. A slim bamboo spine runs up the centre of each with a pointed top, for a striking effect. Made with a simple chic, this could be used at an evening with friends, when you want to show off your best cake creations. Cupcakes, scones and sweets would sit comfortably around the layers off this, being shown off to full effect. Stand it in the centre of the table and watch your tasty deserts fly off the layers. It's a piece that will certainly enhance any dinner party or special birthday. Even as a special treat for the family at weekends, they will surely appreciate cupcakes displayed on this pretty cake stand. Although I'm sure they won't get looked at for long
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