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    • Posted 18th May

    Uses / Indications

    Eye tiredness, conjunctiva, eyes itching, eye disorder prevention (when swimming, when dust and sweat are in eyes), eye inflammation by ultraviolet light and other rays (snow eyes etc), eyes of eyes Sometimes, eyeliditis (with eyelids), the discomfort when wearing a hard contact lens

    Ingredients / Materials

    Neostigmin methyl sulfate: 0.005% focus adjustment function improvement effect improves eye fatigue etc.

    Taurine: Activate 1.0% tissue metabolism.

    L-Potassium Aspartate: 1.0% Tissue breathing.

    Tetrahydrohydrosoline hydrochloride: suppresses a 0.05% conjunctum (white eye portion).

    Chlorpheniramine maleate: 0.03% suppresses the function of histamine, reduces eye inflammation and eyes.

    Ipsilon Aminocaproic acid: Reduces the production of substances that cause 1.0% inflammation.

    Additives include chlorobutanol, benzalkonium chloride, boric acid, D-borneol, DL-camphor, L-menthol, pH regulator.

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