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    AllerMates Peanut Allergy Dog Tag With Necklace $3.75 @ Aussie Health Products

    $3.75 $11.80 68% Split Aussie Health Products Deals

    • Posted 6th Feb
    Does your child have a peanut allergy? Then AllerMates Peanut Allergy Dog Tag on a chain necklace serves as an important reminder to your child�s teachers, caregivers, classmates and general public about their allergy with peanuts. This brushed metal charm is fashionable and makes these allergy awareness tags trendy and eye catching. Another cool thing about AllerMates metal tags is once you turn it over there is a web code that your kids can enter to join the AllerMates/MediMates kids club and get access to free games and some really cool stuff!
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