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    Agate 3D Framed Canvas Wall Art - Multicolour $312 @ April & Oak

    $312 $520 40% Split April & Oak Deals

    • Posted 5th Feb
    Agate 3D Framed Canvas Wall Art
    Turn your home into an art gallery with this stunningly beautiful agate framed wall art. Blacks, greys, whites and golden beige tones swirl around each other throughout this picture pulling your gaze inwards and almost creating a dream like state. Such unique wall art is going to make a massive impact to your home, ensuring a dull wall space will turn into a space of beauty.
    Perfectly suited to a home that loves a contemporary style with unusual twists. Place this piece of art over your couch in the living area, surrounded by other soft greys and classic black and white prints. You could even give it the best spot in the entranceway, where it can be admired by all who pass through the front door. Once you start collecting spectacular art, it’ll become a bit of habit you can’t stop and your home will fill with more and more personality!
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